Gay Wedding Cards

There’s an area of same-sex marriage equality that we’ve neglected to consider.

We’ve been fighting so hard to have our rights recognised that we’ve overlooked an important element of the same-sex marriage process. We’ve been too focused on the immediate goal of equality that we haven’t thought about what comes next. There’s a question that until now we have not dared ask ourselves.

“Where do I find gay wedding cards?”.

Luckily, Emily Belden has come up with the solution in the form of, an online greeting card store. The US$5  cards are written and designed by Emily to celebrate same­-sex love, marriage, enGAYgements, and other milestones while a portion of each card sale goes to LGBTQ organisation The Trevor Project.

Emily, who is straight, conceptualised HAPPY HAPPY GAY GAY after realizing there was a limited selection of cards dedicated to this demographic.

“My gay friend was one of the first to get married after DOMA died. My option was to send him a greeting card clearly meant for a straight couple, or send nothing at all. So I sent nothing at all,” she explained.

A month later, she launched the slick site where shoppers, gay or straight, can easily nab one of the affordable designs.

Click here to check out the selection of cards available.

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