cute gay boy

There’s a surefire way to test whether a guy is firstly gay and secondly whether or not he’s into you. In today’s video, I recount an episode on the tube which taught me a valuable lesson about meeting gay guys and left me pining over the one that got away.

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  1. tom says:

    A true sliding doors moment!

  2. Spike Orion says:

    just wanted to say that based on that video I wouldn’t have ever guessed you were not confident, but it’s nice that you are now, also unimpressed with the fact you’re single aha maybe you should start carrying around cute little business cards that just has a simple message on it “smile, you’re beautiful” on one side and on the other have your instagram account on it maybe, at least that way they could get in touch with you and to anyone else it’s just a card but from eye contact, you two both know it’s more than just a card, if that makes sense, I’ll shut up, but I have those moments at work and it’s annoying aha

    • themoderngay says:

      Hey Spike – thanks for the comment and for watching the video. I love the suggestion of handing out little cards with sweet and simple messages! Maybe there’s a business idea there…hmmm…

      Regarding confidence, I think it’s something that may change in different situations. While I’ve always been confident enough to stand up in front of a crowd of hundred and deliver a speech, I’ve had to develop my confidence in other areas, like chatting to cute strangers on the train.

      Lack of confidence sometimes comes form a fear of the unknown. We are afraid to chat to strangers cause we dont know how they will respond. With practice though we learn not to care about their response so we build our confidence.

      Anyway, I’m also having a work moment and ranting so I’ll leave it there.

      Thanks for the support and please keep on reading!


  3. Ahmed b says:

    I loved this video, thanks a lot for sharing.
    I find that when I came out I had no gay dar at all and then someone told me about eye contact. At first I was mostly using it as a gaydar, but there have been instances that I actually got to what you were talking about it, the constant eye contact, but it always ends up with either one of us leaving and never talking. I agree when you say that you might have confidence in talking to a huge crowd but when it comes to a cute stranger it just doesn’t come as easily. I’m for the longest time trying to think of the best way to approach people without it being creepy or weird.
    If you do find out a way; please let us know. I’m forever testing things out lol

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