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Bob Dylan Ray Ban Modern Gay

Originally designed in the 1920’s for US Army Service pilots, Ray-Ban sunglasses have become synonymous with cool thanks to celebrities like Bob Marley, James Dean, Bob Dylan, Peter Fonda, and Tom Cruise. The cool tradition continued on Friday night in Sydney at the launch of the “Ray-Ban Envision Tour” at Hyde Park Barracks. Hotties and hipsters alike slung back Tiger Beer and listened to the sounds of Australian Idol turned barefoot folk-fellow, Matt Corby. The weather, having misunderstood the “cool” theme brought torrential rain and thunderstorms just as Corby took to the stage. Fortunately many of the guests had settled in for a fun evening and were not phased by the lightening and thunder which added an authentic music festival ambiance to the party. Watching a sopping wet Jordan Stenmark (one half of the Stenmark model twins) dancing happily in the rain was an unforeseen advantage of the otherwise unwelcome wet weather conditions.

The Ray-Ban Envision Tour continues with exclusive concerts in Melbourne featuring Gold Fields and Brisbane featuring Jinja Safari. A series of mini concerts will be open to the public on subsequent days with bands such as Chance Waters, Guineafowl and Luna Lake.

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Matt Corby performs at Ray Ban Envision TourPeter Fonda Easy Rider Modern Gay

Lewis Grant, Models Modern Gay

Tom Cruise Ray Ban Modern Gay

Oliver Lloyd James McCullagh Jordan Stenmark Modern Gay

Mikey Nolan, Ryan Letman Modern Gay Party Nathan Mcallun Tristan, Van Drempt(0506)

Modern Gay Party Ray Ban 

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