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David Beckham Gay Guide

Gaydar.net has released the results of a survey of 4,000 of its male members in a bid to piece together which characteristics respondents find the most attractive in male celebrities. Members rated various celebrity body parts and personality traits from David Beckham to Zac Efron.

According to the poll, the sexiest man would have a combination of former English ruby player Ben Cohen’s chest, Taylor Lautner’s stomach, Ronaldo’s behind, Hugh Jackman’s biceps and personality, and David Beckham’s legs, tattoos and wealth. In terms of facial features, the most attractive combination as voted by Gaydar members would include Brad Pitt’s smile, Gerard Butler’s voice, Jake Gyllenaal’s eyes and nose, Zac Efron’s hairstyle, Tom Hardy’s lips and  actor Jason Statham’s jaw.

Personality and talent were also considered. Respondents chose Gerard Butler’s personality, David Beckham’s sex appeal, Amir Khan’s sporting skill and Jude Law’s dress sense as qualities they would love in a partner.

The sexiest celebrity overall was David Beckham. While David was also the celebrity gay guys would most like to introduce to their parents (13%), a similar percentage of guys (12%) said they would actually avoid him, suggesting that although sexy, not everyone thinks Becks is relationship material.

For full results of the survey including a picture of what the “perfect” man looks like when all these features are combined, visit Gaydar’s Blog

Image: David LaChappelle.

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