Gay men tend to congregate together in urban centers, creating gay neighbourhoods that service all their needs. As such, many gay men eat, sleep, work and play within these gay bubbles, hardly ever leaving.  If you’re not sure whether or not you’re living inside one of these  bubbles, then consult the list below.


…You’ve slept with someone in your building Melrose Place Modern Gay
…You have to adjust your route home from work so as not to bump into certain people
…You’re already friends with half the people on Grindr in your area
Grindr Gay
…You have to coordinate the time you go to the gym so you don’t see your ex
Pauly D Gay Gif Modern Gay
…Everyone in your neighbourhood has a French Bulldog
Hugh Jackman Gay bullddog
…90% of the guests at your dinner parties are gay
Modern Gay Dinner Party
…There’s nobody on the street on Sundays before 9am
Gay Streets Empty
…There are a hundred restaurants in your neighbourhood but you only frequent the same three
La Buvette Gay
…You frequent the same three restaurants because the waiters there are young and hot
Jax Tom Vanderpump Rules Gay
…The only people with body hair are the local council workers
…You’ve seen naked pictures or videos of your neighbours on the internet
Shocked Joey Friends Gay
If any of the above statements are true for you then you know that you’re living in a  gay bubble.
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  1. Confessions of An Irish Gay Guy says:

    Haha, found this hilarious. I can already see this happening to me!

  2. This is satire at its best … clever, witty, underhanded and sly (a requirement of satire) and full of smarts and intelligence (they’re not the same). I’m following your blog because it’s cool as a cucumber. I like it ! Best. Mark

  3. Your blog is depressingly homonormative.

    • joshvansant says:

      I just write from my own personal experiences based on my individual perspective. I’m sorry you find it “depressingly homonormative” but I’m sure there’s plenty of other blogs out there, written from perspectives that may be more inline with your own.

      • Hi Josh. Apologies if my comment was blunt. I actually wanted to start some sort of conversation (and 5 words statements are not the way to do that).

        I suppose what I wanted to say was that while I understand your blog represents your own perspective (and you should be able to freely express them) your satire seems to play a lot with gay stereotypes whilst simultaneously reinforcing these stereotypes of gay men and in this way I find them to be ‘homonormative’. Markedly, pieces like ‘Dating Like a Straight Girl’ seem based on tropes and in my reading only reinforce them. Statements such as “Gay boys on the other hand are looking for guys who can provide for them in the moment. Does he turn me on? Is he hot? Is he good in bed?” read as definitive and even from your perspective, are still generalisations which fail to acknowledge alternative representations and diversity within the gay community.

      • joshvansant says:

        Thank you for your comment. I value criticism and debate.

        I understand your feedback but to be honest, I just write it as I see it. In my experience, I’ve found that many of the stereotypes that exist, do so for a reason. The purpose of my blog is to call them out and offer my own critique.

        I’m aware that this blog doesn’t acknowledge all the different representations of the gay community but like I’ve said, it is written from my perspective as a white, educated, middle-class gay man. It would be difficult to write from the perspective of a bisexual man or a lesbian or a transgender person because I’ve never been any of them.

        If you would like to submit a piece of writing, sharing your perspective (as others have done before) then that would be amazing. You could even critique the blog if you like. I honestly value all opinions and different perspectives and perhaps you could shed light on aspects of the gay community that I am not familiar with.

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