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Today marks the first week since I started my challenge of updating my blog or Youtube channel daily. When I started this challenge I knew that it would be difficult, not because I don’t have anything to share with you, but because I want to make sure that what I do share with you is enriching in some way.

It’s crazy how many thoughts go through your head throughout the day but often when you try to collect them or put them into words, they fall through your hands like water. I guess the purpose of this post is to admit that tonight, I don’t have the mental fortitude to put my deep musings into words. Often I find it exhausting enough dealing with my own internal monologue and to have to relive those one man scenes again tonight is proving difficult. I do however have some interesting posts in the works for the coming days such as ‘How looking back over your shoulder at boys is the most fun you can have with two eyes’ and ‘Why gay men are never content in their relationships’ so make sure you come back again tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued support and don’t forget to email, tweet or comment below with any topics or questions you would like to me cover.

Image by Julia Hetta

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4 thoughts on “DAY 7 OF 31: CHECKING IN

  1. josrose says:

    Its been an exciting past 7 days enjoyed every one of the post. I’m planning on getting the book you recommended in your previous post when i get my allowance later this week. I cannot wait…..

    • themoderngay says:

      Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment too. I honestly think that everyone should be made to read The Power of Now when growing up because the sooner you are aware of the teachings, the easier life can be!

  2. finnwest2015 says:

    Really cool bro. Dig your blog!
    Finn xx

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