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Declan-John Geraghty Shirtless

The beard has made a comeback. Once only found on the faces of bears, cubs and Santa Claus, facial hair has now become the must have accessory for all fashionable men. Whether it’s a moustache, a 5 O’Clock shadow, or lamb chops, there’s a plethora of styles from which the discerning man can choose (given that he’s hit puberty and has the ability to grow facial hair). Recently adopted by hipsters from Brooklyn to Bondi and any band that features the banjo, facial hair is the cheaper male equivalent of going to the salon to have your hair coloured.

British model Declan-John Geraghty ticks all the hipster boxes in these shots by Dimitris Theocharis:

British ✓

Tattoos ✓

Hairy, toned body ✓

Shaved head with high hair ✓

Beard AND moustache ✓ 


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