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During my weekly Saturday philosophy class, I came across the following story by Rudyard Kipling, the English poet and writer who, in 1894 famously penned The Jungle Book. The topic of the lecture was ‘Know Thyself’ and the debate that ensued centred on the idea  that the unexamined life is not worth living (Socrates). Kipling’s fable perfectly explains where we must begin our examination in order to truly find ourselves.

Once upon a time, or rather, at the very birth of time, when the Gods were so new that they had no names, and Man was still damp from the clay of the pit whence he had been digged, Man claimed that he, too, was in some sort a deity. The Gods were as just in those days as they are now.

They weighed his evidence and decided that Man’s claim was good — that he was, in effect, a divinity, and, as such, entitled to be freed from the trammels of mere brute instinct, and to enjoy the consequence of his own acts. But the Gods sell everything at a price.

Having conceded Man’s claim, the legend goes that they came by stealth and stole away this godhead, with intent to hide it where Man should never find it again. But that was none so easy. If they hid it anywhere on Earth, the Gods foresaw that Man, the inveterate hunter — the father, you might say, of all hunters — would leave no stone unturned nor wave unplumbed till he had recovered it. If they concealed it among themselves, they feared that Man might in the end batter his way up even to the skies. And, while they were all thus at a stand, the wisest of the Gods, who afterwards became the God Brahm, said, “I know. Give it to me!” And he closed his hand upon the tiny unstable light of Man’s stolen godhead, and when that great Hand opened again, the light was gone.

“All is well,” said Brahm. “I have hidden it where Man will never dream of looking for it. I have hidden it inside Man himself.”

Image Credit: A Troy Dunham art piece created with photographer Jeff Eason (Wilsonmodels)

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Declan-John Geraghty Shirtless

The beard has made a comeback. Once only found on the faces of bears, cubs and Santa Claus, facial hair has now become the must have accessory for all fashionable men. Whether it’s a moustache, a 5 O’Clock shadow, or lamb chops, there’s a plethora of styles from which the discerning man can choose (given that he’s hit puberty and has the ability to grow facial hair). Recently adopted by hipsters from Brooklyn to Bondi and any band that features the banjo, facial hair is the cheaper male equivalent of going to the salon to have your hair coloured.

British model Declan-John Geraghty ticks all the hipster boxes in these shots by Dimitris Theocharis:

British ✓

Tattoos ✓

Hairy, toned body ✓

Shaved head with high hair ✓

Beard AND moustache ✓ 


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It’s hotting up around the world, especially in Cyrpus where these pictures of Cyprian dancer Panos Malactos were taken by photographer Pantelis for Coitus Magazine.

Swimwear by House of Quinn.



For more pictures click here

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Slim Aarons

From the moment you turn the first page of “Poolside with Slim Aarons” you are transported to a glamorous and carefree world, where the pool is the universe, the people are the stars and the colours are nostalgic. Slim Aarons captures private moments in time from the pools of the super rich and famous. It is through these brief but expressive moments that the viewer is allowed a limited and curious peak into a life that only the most privileged have ever experienced.

The men and women in Slim Aarons’ images embody a sexuality and beauty that has long been lost in these modern days of plastic surgery, gym toned bodies and super skinniness; there’s a refreshing lack of self consciousness.

Three pages in and you begin to fantasise about sipping mojitos poolside in Palm Springs. You start to form fabricated memories of a life you may have once lived in a villa in Positano or a summer retreat in Mexico.  And this is why “Poolside” is one of my favourite books – it truly provokes the imagination. It allows you to create a story, one in which you’re the main character, sitting poolside in the life of your dreams.

Purchase the book here: Amazon.com

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