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Currently fixed on “La Foret” by Lescop

Sounds Like: Brooklyn indie pop but in French.

Enjoy while: Eating a baguette. Wearing a beret. Sampling foie gras or doing anything else stereotypically French (like marrying your French boyfriend because same-sex marriage is legal in France!).

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On Tuesday, France became the 14th country in the world to legalise same-same sex marriage, a week after the New Zealand government voted to have their marriage bill amended.

Unlike New Zealand, where there was strong support for same-sex marriage, polls show that the French are deeply divided on the issue. The bill, which will also give gay and lesbian couples the right to adopt children, will only become law when it is signed by President Francois Hollande. Although a popularity slump has left the president with one of the lowest approval ratings of any French president, it is believed that Mr Hollande will support the bill.

Vive La France.

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