Belvedere Vodka and DNA Magazine hosted a “Make Believe” party on Saturday 2nd March to coincide with the Sydney Mardi Gras parade. Upstairs Beresford was transformed into a “Winter Wonderland” where celebrities, musicians and Sydney’s party people enjoyed bespoke Belvedere cocktails and premium entertainment from the likes of Van She, Collarbones and DJ Kitty Glitter. The event was hosted by international party queen Jodie Harsh and continued long after the parade had finished.

Many brands have cautiously dipped their toe into the “gay dollar” pond but it’s rare to see a brand such as Belvedere associate itself so wholeheartedly with the gay community. I guess this is because brands have traditionally been affraid of isolating mainstream consumers by aligning with polarizing smaller markets.

Disclaimer: Although I am the PR Account Manager for Belvedere Vodka, their decision to host an event to coincide with Mardi Gras was made independently of my input. I had always been an adorer of the Belvedere brand and was very impressed by their previous years’ gay events long before I was even on the payroll.



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