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A wallet, a man purse, a murse, a man clutch, a mutch – call it what you will but these accessories from Comme des Garcons are amongst my most favourite accessories ever created. Large enough to fit cash, cards and house keys, they are the perfect hold-all for the modern man. My first Comme des Garcons wallet was a gift from my sister and so vital was it to my day-to-day life, that I wore through the leather and had to replace it recently with an updated version. Reasonably priced around the £60 mark they are a luxury leather good which won’t blow your budget.

Shop the collection here.

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  1. soek says:

    nice wallets, i use some too. and wear their clothes ‘happily ever after’

  2. Incredible collection, I always believed that premium accessories make the outfit. Take a simple white T-shirt and Jeans & complete them with designer leather belt, premium shoes and a top quality wallet and you look like a Million Dollars. You can change the outfit and wear the same accessories to retain the luxury look. Also accessories tend to last much longer than clothing – as they don’t wear as much! Love your site, Tristan Cross

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