I don’t know about you, but my sexual education was a little blurry (much like the video below). It was very matter-of-fact, clinical and to be honest, terrifying. The key message was around safe sex and all the horrible things that could happen to boys and girls who didn’t follow the safe sex (or abstinence) route. This has had a lasting impact on the way that I view and enjoy sex. Watch the video below and comment to share your experiences around sexual education.





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One thought on “WHY I’M SCARED OF SEX

  1. Raymond Saint-Pierre says:

    I think that this fear mongering starts way before any ‘sex’ education!
    It begins within: “Don’t touch that! Don’t do that!” as parents attempt to teach social behavior to infants. Especially when it involves maturbation or any early signs of physical sexual awareness! There’s so much of this embedded “propriety” that any fear – based sex ed is merely reinforcement to an already pretty solid foundation of prohibition. Whether done from religious or cultural mores, it becomes an inherent and constant shaming, imho.
    I’m much older (70+) so I have seen the shifting modes in both parenting and teaching neither of which at all is simply healthy and factual. Even the best of intentions become warped!
    Perhaps because I also spent much of my youth growing up on farms, I survived whatever pressures were used? Also, often sharing a bed with 2 or 3 male cousins wasn’t all that uncomfortable! !
    But it is this overall denial of physicality and biology that continues today even among those who know better that plagues our sexual intimacy and even ordinary social relationships!

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