No matter which gay club you visit throughout the world you’re bound to find variations of the same people. Here is The Modern Gay Guide’s list of the 10 PEOPLE YOU MEET AT GAY CLUBS.

1. The Party Boy

Gay Channing Tatum

“The Party Boy” comes in all shapes and sizes from the typical muscle jock who works out at the gym 6 days a week in order to look hot at the club to the skinny twink in gold short-shorts and the hairy bear, bound in leather. The one thing that they all have in common is that they’re probably shirtless and don’t have a full-time job to worry about come Monday morning. You’ll find them on the same dance floor every weekend.

2. The Fag Hag

Fag Hag Modern Gay Life

She’s the queen of the gays and everybody knows her name. Never seen in the company of other women, “The Fag Hag” frequents gay clubs with “her gays” and is often seen locking lips with party boys after downing one too many Jaeger shots.

3. The Bachelorette

bachelorette party gay sluts

Dressed in a white veil, clutching a sex toy and wearing a sash that says  Bride to Be, “The Bachelorette” and her bridesmaids love the novelty gay experience. They giggle uncontrollably as they rub up against the sweaty party boys on the dance floor and take thousands of pictures on their iPhones of semi-naked men whose chiselled bodies look nothing like their husbands’.

4. The Straight Guy

Taylor Lautner Gay

It’s 3am and all the straight clubs are closed. That’s when the straight boys head over to the gay clubs. There’s always a late night/morning gay club filled with revellers who eagerly anticipate the arrival of heterosexual meat. Sure you might score the odd straight guy pash or if you’re lucky he’ll be so out of it that you’ll take him home for some experimenting but guaranteed the next day he’ll freak out, swear he’s not a “fag” and you’ll never see him again.

5. The “I’m never coming back here again” Guy


“I hate this place” he says as he enters the club for the fifth consecutive weekend. He sways from side-to-side on the dance floor as his party boy friends dance frantically so that all the other boys are aware that they’ve arrived. He buys himself a drink, makes a comment about how “there’s no-one here” and then leaves, swearing to never come back again. Until he does, the following week.

6. The First Timer

Gay Club First Time

For underage gay boys, the gay club promises to be nirvana – a magical place where all their wildest dreams will finally come true. They count down the days until they are legal or until they can find a convincing enough fake ID. When the day finally comes, they’re in their element, taking it all in (so to speak) like a kid in a candy store.

7. The Out-of-towner

gay best friend

He has read about this place on GayCities or asked people on Grindr where the best clubs can be found. He’s written a list of all the clubs and bars to visit and ordered them according to the days of the week just to make sure he doesn’t miss any of the hot spots. You’ll notice him because he’ll be the overly enthusiastic guy talking to everyone, desperately trying to make friends and take home some of the local talent.

8. The Lone Ranger


Possibly drunk, possibly still in the closet or possibly an out-of-towner, “The Lone Ranger” can be found prowling around the club by himself. The Lone Ranger constantly moves around to make sure nobody realises that he’s by himself. Alternatively, he’ll be found hidden in a discrete corner waiting to be picked-up by the first person that makes eye contact with him.

9. The Older Gentleman


He’s been here since the doors opened. Thirty years ago. Although in his late 60s “The Older Gentleman” is not ready to forgo his party boy status.  While most of his friends have hung up their fluro bracelets and shark tooth necklaces, he’s still dancing to his own techno beat and there’s no sign that he’ll ever stop.

10. The Drag Queen


She practically owns this joint and you better not mess with her otherwise you’ll be escorted out by a bouncer who looks like Shrek. Not only is she the hostess and the star of the midnight show but she’s the giver of free drink passes and sassy one-liners. “The Drag Queen” is never seen on the dance floor mixing with the commoners; she’s either in a private booth, backstage or posing for a photo with The Bachelorette.

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29 thoughts on “10 PEOPLE YOU MEET AT GAY CLUBS

  1. DavidSask says:

    Reblogged this on David's Dizzy Domain and commented:

  2. Jamie Armour says:

    Sadly, none of the drag queens I met in gay clubs looked anything like Ru Paul lol.

  3. John Taylor says:

    Its so true that’s why I don’t go to hay establishments 🙂

  4. Gavin says:

    How long until someone starts complaining about ‘gays don’t fit into categories’ or makes another category called ‘the normal gay’?

    Before you do, just enjoy this article as a piece of comedy. And admit it, you could think of at least one person you know for each of these!

  5. So so funny, because it’s SOOOO true!! :’) #PartyBoy

  6. The guy who runs a wordpress site that does tired animated gif lists.

  7. You forgot one more category” the seen it all guy” the type that has been clubbing since 21 years old, grew out of it, got drag into the clubs by his friends and make the best of it when he rather be at home resting. He knows the scene, the clubs, the repetition of drama and people.

  8. gnu_andrew says:

    I have pictures in my head of people I’ve met for everyone of these.

  9. Ivan says:

    I’ve been all those at one time or another

  10. Bruce Andrew Gannon says:


  11. Raymond says:

    .. & the reformed party boy who returns to see if it all really was that good and discovers how ugly it is when yr not on drugs anymore 🙂

  12. Paul says:

    Alan my good man, as much as you would like to drag my arse to such a mad house. This ex paratrooper is a well and truly woman’s only toy lol. And will not visit such a place due to being too shit scared ha ha. Keep safe my good friend 🙂 x

  13. Allie says:

    Why is this all about the male side of a gay club? The title was a little misleading..

    • Jesse Cougot says:

      Because lesbians switched GLBT to LGBT. That’s why. There should have been another contender: The Man Hating Lesbian who comes to gay clubs to hate on gay men. Just don’t call her “girl”, buy her a Bud or Miller light and she will supervise your next gay oil change.

  14. DJ Emir says:

    I’ve spun for a few gay clubs and nights and I can honestly remind you that You totally forgot the extremely skinny dude that screams for attention by dancing in his tighty whities or in underoos superhero kids underwear. I think that’s the only one that freaks me out a little LOL

  15. Tim says:

    I don’t recognize me in any of these. Mind you, I was out for 5 years before I set foot in a bar, and the music, smoke and wall-to-wall skinny boys drove me away. 6 years passed before I went in one again, with the boyfriend, but we only ever went in the early evening when no-one else was there, and then went home. 🙂 So I’ve been blissfully unaware of all these types. And now there has not been a bar in this town for seven years at least (it was closed for a year and a half before I knew).

  16. […] clubs are all the same. Wherever you are in the world they tend to be filled with the same people (10 people you meet in gay clubs), play the same music and leave you with the same feelings at the end of the night.  Sure, they […]

  17. Jdgmiami says:

    hmmm, but there should be a #11…”The Local: The local frequents all of the clubs in the area. Never looking for a hookup, The Local is simply having a good time with his friends and looking for his next bump. He enjoys the ‘scenery’ of The Out-of-Towners and The Straight Guys. Your see him with his friends in tight groups, often in circles, and youre sure to see him again at an after hours party”

  18. […] clubs are all the same. Wherever you are in the world they tend to be filled with the same people (10 people you meet in gay clubs), play the same music and leave you with the same feelings at the end of the night.  Sure, they […]

  19. I’m number 5..because all my friends are number 9’s. 😦

  20. Kyle says:

    I love those places !

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